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Kapur dani electrical camphor diffuser used for burning incense or kapur dani for puja which is to the gods and goddesses or for aroma. Incense burners are a beautifully ornate way of filling your rooms full of wonderful fragrances. lamp is made up of steel and there is an electric heater/burner in the bottom portion. Just plug this stand-in, and the steel plate gets heated up, resulting in the camphor diffusing in the air. ou can use regular camphor in this stand.Insert the plug into the socket and switch on the button for few minutes and put some Bakhoor dani/ Dhoop dani/dhoop cup/dhoop holder/dhoop dani clay/elcrical/antique/dhoop dani with handle/dhoop dani for puja/fragrance/Incense on the top plate & Enjoy

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Material Type

Alloy Steel

Included components

1 x kapoordani with sample kapoor tablets

Country of Origin


Generic Name

Incense Holder

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